Teacher’s Aide Certificate Program with Externship


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This program introduces the historical, theoretical, and developmental foundations for educating young children and designing and implementing a developmentally appropriate curriculum to provide the primary teacher with the most help possible. This particular program focuses on the development of children from birth through age 8, the roles, responsibilities, and requirements of individuals working in early childhood classrooms as well as curriculum development so that Teacher’s Aides can assist the teachers most effectively while also helping to cultivate a creative, caring and nurturing environment for young children. This program will introduce early childhood education with a focus on developmental expectations and challenges of young children, supervising and caring for young children, as well as strategies and tools for educating young children by developing thoughtful, engaging, and exciting lesson plans that will lay the foundation for their education for years to come.


Course Code: ECDC-E-TCHR

Average Length: 6 months

Cost: $3,999.00

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