Patient Advocate Specialist Certificate Program


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This training program combines a two course training track:

Patient Advocacy

Medical Office Assistant

Patient advocates help patients in various ways. They may ensure a patient sees the appropriate doctors; that his or her treatment plan is being followed; that the patient is taking advantage of all available treatment options. They coordinate care between doctors, if needed.

Additional duties include education for the patient, family and caregivers, and research into a patient’s condition. Some patient advocates also shepherd a patient’s claims through the health insurance system. They help make sure billing departments are filing properly and insurance processors are paying correctly. Advocates are employed by hospitals, rehab centers or other medical facilities; nonprofit organizations; government agencies; insurance companies; or for-profit patient advocacy firms. Others are self-employed.

Course Code: ESIDE- PAS

Program Duration: 9 Months

Course Contact Hours: 450

Student Tuition: $3,950

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